750 Kč

Signature Gehwol basic pedicure

Signature Gehwol basic pedicure is a problem solver for your feet. This pedicure is a solution for all foot concerns and skin types. It will also help to smooth and bring moisture back into the feet. Includes the basics-foot soak, cuticle care, callus removal, clipping, filing, foot massage. Nail polish is not included in price

510 Kč

Gel polish by CND Shellac

A superior service with CND SHELLAC gel polish Brand 14+ Day Nail Color system features a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat — and the exclusive CND LED Lamp

1200 Kč

Gehwol medical pedicure

For the client with an elevated level of cracked skin and calluses. With GEHWOL brand, we offer exclusive and therapeutic treatments to our clients, The Med Pedicure can give you “MORE”; than just soft and smooth feet. You will discover that Med Pedicure treats existing conditions or, in most of the cases, it is all about the prevention of foot problems. You will feel the value we put to your comfort and care of given services to you. All medical pedicure treatments include callus removal, complete nail and cuticle work, and buffing, followed by a relaxing foot massage using Gehwol foot cream.

1260 Kč

Hollywood CND gel toes

Your very own Hollywood toes. The treatment begins with a refreshing foot soak followed by signature Gehwol basic pedicure which includes the basics-foot soak, cuticle care, callus removal, clipping, filing, foot massage. This is followed with the application of CND Shellac gel polish which will last for approximately 4 weeks and looks absolutely gorgeous. Choose from an extensive range of beautiful colors, or if you prefer a french polish finish.

99 Kč

Nail repair

Ouch just broke a nail? Remember treat nails like jewels not tools but for those moments when you forget (and who doesn’t sometimes?) we’re here to help — you can always pop in!

299 Kč

Florida feet

Add a relaxing 10 minutes foot massage. Let us take the weight off and ease away the stresses your day.

200 Kč

CND Vinylux 7-day nails polish

Meet the first-ever, long-wear polish infused with Vitamin E, Keratin & Jojoba Oil

550 Kč

Acrylic or Gel nail removal

Spa Pedicure treatment

A truly well-deserved treatment for a woman.

In a pedicure Spa treatment, a lot gets involved. It’s not just about getting your feet to look pretty. We offer 5 different spa pedicure treatments. During our Spa, we treat your feet with a peeling to remove all impurities and make them silky soft again. Afterwards, nails are groomed, cuticle removed and feet being treated by basic pedicure follow up with Deluxe pedicure machine for feet and nails. To top off with Spa pedicure we will nicely paint nails and massage with a hydrating foot mask.

1049 Kč

Spa lavender pedicure

1049 Kč

Spa romantic rose pedicure

1200 Kč

Spa Dead Sea pedicure

1049 Kč

Refresh mint pedicure

1450 Kč

Spa wine pedicure

The pedicure is our favorite service to give and receive. Today, we see very few cracked heels, chipped polish, jagged edges on toe nails, funguses, or white powdery skin due to very dry skin conditions. The pedicure is more like a treatment than a treat, when done properly. Whether it is just a toe nail clipping and file which many elderly people require, or a full luxurious pedicure in Prague, our proficient Team do our best to meet your needs and budget in a relaxed ambience. With all our services, we are proud to announce that we use the best product in our profession, which is Gehwol, for herbal foot baths, soothing lotions, balms and more. This product line has been known all over the world for over 125 years. We are also proud to carry LCN which is free of formaldehyde.

The perfect way to de-stress! Soak your feet in a warm aromatherapy whirlpool and relax in spa pedicure in Prague while our nail experts pamper your feet. Dominion Nails is the perfect place to enjoy a luxurious pedicure in a relaxing atmosphere. We are always up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in the nail industry. We have the newest pedicure cosmetics! Feel secure knowing that your salon is free from bacteria and has the highest sanitation standards. We’re also featuring Shellac and Gelish semi-permanent pedicure. All services are provided by highly trained, attentive nail professionals. We hope you enjoy Dominion Nails as much as we do!