Box containing beauty products you can buy at the reception

Hledáte inspiraci pro své přátele nebo rodinu?
Náš tým odborníků u Dominion Nails navrhl 3 prémiové dárkové krabičky – ideální pro každou příležitost.

Krabičky na krásu zahrnují:

  1. Premium Box S (cena je 1 830 Kč – obsahuje 5 položek)
  2. Premium Box M (cena 3.410 Kč – obsahuje 7 položek)
  3. Premium Box L (cena 4,820 Kč – zahrnuje 9 položek)

Pro více informací prosím kontaktujte našeho administrátora.

image of a gift voucher with a total value of 500 Czk

Gift Vouchers

Dominion Nails is a professional salon in Prague aiming to provide only the top services to our customers. For this reason we have created our Vouchers that you can give away as gifts and make someone special in your life feel appreciated and loved.

Our Gift Voucher don’t expire — you can use them anytime. If you are new to Dominion Nails and want to know more about our Gift Voucher, you can send us an email at or just give us a call at +420 608 254 552.

The Gift Vouchers can be purchased at our salon’s reception desk, ordered over the phone or you can request one online.

image of a gift voucher with a total value of 500 Czk