810 Kč

Bring me to shape – Basic Manicure

Male grooming starts with well-shaped nails. Adding a careful buff (or optional strengthener) and a light application of LCN moisturizer will give your hands that extra edge. Perfectly shaped and buffed nails with detailed nail machine cuticle work massage and moisturize with a few drops of cuticle oil to finish. Regular manicures are a must for good male grooming — long, untidy or dirty nails don’t make it!

1080 Kč

SPA Relaxing Lavender Manicure

To begin with, soften your hands in warm water with the contents of our special additives. Then we carry out the peeling procedure. After we give your nails the right shape, remove the cuticle. If desired, give your nails a natural shine. We also treat your nails with special nutritive serum, moisturize your hands and carry out a light massage of your fingers and hands.

1150 Kč

Basic Gehwol pedicure

With the GEHWOL brand, we offer you an exclusive medical pedicure. Pedicure GEHWOL is more than just a pedicure. This procedure, has proven itself as a safe, effective and gentle foot care. It is a soft grinding of the surface and is carried out with the help of a special pedicure device. Thanks to careful handling, it is completely harmless to the skin of the feet. Gehwol created specifically for foot care, is aimed at their recovery. Pedicure consists of several stages: cleaning the skin of the feet with antiseptic treatment treating problem and hardened areas, nails and cracks, applying softening Gehwol foot care products.

1450 Kč

SPA Relaxing Aroma Lavender Pedicure

We rejuvenate your senses with the fragrances of exotic essential oils and soften your feet with a professional-strength exfoliating lavender sugar scrub. Nails are groomed, cuticle are removed and feet being treated by basic pedicure follow up with Deluxe pedicure device for feet and nails. We will follow with a therapeutic moisturizing massage using lavender cream and oil. We will massage and apply acupressure to alleviate fatigue from your toe to knee, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.