1960 Kč

Sculpted Extensions Beginners with CND Shellac color

Full set nail extensions  with  CND Shellac color.
First, your nails are perfectly shaped and buffed, cuticles are removed by Deluxe manicure machine. Now enjoy your natural look full set LCN Gel extensions. Followed by a choice of CND Shellac colors gloss gel polish. To top off we provide you a short time hand massage with regular lotion. Enjoy a little bit of time –looking and feeling fabulous.

1550 Kč

Sculpted  Extensions Beginners
Clear Color

2310 Kč

Sculpted Extensions Beginners
French Nails

1260 Kč

Overlays CND Plexigel on natural nails with Clear/Pastel Color

Get the natural look with 30 day CND Plexigel system. We shape your nails and ensure your cuticles are carefully pushed back and removed by Deluxe manicure machine. To top off your procedure, we will finish with the CND Plexigel overlays system on your natural nails.

1310 Kč

Overlays CND Plexigel on Natural Nails with
CND Shellac Color


Overlays CND Plexigel on Natural Nails
French Overlays

1390 Kč

Nails Correction with Clear/Pastel Color

Had a full set of CND Gel nail extension, Nails grown out?
Mind that gap! Book yourself for a set of nail correction to refresh your color and shape. We’ll shape your nails continue with the full set manicure. Then we will refresh your gel finish with a clear or pastel color.

1670 Kč

Nails Correction with CND Shellac Color

1980 Kč

Nails Correction with French Overlay

1220 Kč

Professional Extension Gel Removal with a Full set Manicure

Ready to take off your extensions nails? We are happy to remove your extension nails and then we will refresh your cuticles with a full set manicure by Deluxe manicure machine. Then finish with your choice of CND Vinylux nail polish.

from 90 Kč

Sculpted toe nail

Broke your toe nail? Sculpted nail system by Gehwol is perfect for you. If you don’t have a toe nail or it is broken, this technique will help you to extend your nail and will give you a natural look. The product we use is enhanced with an antimicrobial component. 

950 Kč

Nail Repair System

Keep Natural Nails in Perfect Shape!
When you face problems like breaks, cracks, splitting and discoloration your nails – GEHWOL Nail Repair System is for you! The GEHWOL nail repair system is a complete package for natural nail repair for manicures and pedicures. It consists of one phase gel which is hardened by UV light in versions clear, pink or opal.

Why choose CND Gel Nail Extensions in Prague?

If you’ve been considering getting nail extensions this year, then you will want to know the dos and don’ts, and all the facts to ensure you get what is best for you, and your nail health! Here, we want to tell you all about the latest trend when it comes to Nails Extensions, what the celebs are wearing, and how you can make the right decision when it comes to getting those glamorous nails you’ve always dreamed of!

Many professionals who use CND believe that they use the upper high cosmetic ever. They’re regarded so highly because there are no harsh chemicals or unpleasant smell. They also can only be applied by experienced technicians, so you’re sure on getting the best and safe and perfect finish nails on the end!

CND Gel nails are very durable, and will last through your day-to-day activities. The best thing about CND is that if you want to keep your natural nails well, naturel! So that are removed, your nails aren’t paper thin.

What makes CND Gel Nails so unique?

  • Light Units meeting the highest EC standards; TÜV, CE and CSA
  • Highest health & safety standards, proven and certified by independent institutes
  • Innovative gels, originating directly from the dental technology
  • No use of aggressive primers or activators  
  • CND gels contain no acid. We do not use any aggressive products that put either nail technician or client at risk.
  • CND gels are extremely flexible. They feel light on the nail, and also it can bend with the natural nail.
  • CND gels can be used to help contain and treat a nail infection because moisture or air cannot penetrate. They are ideal for hairdressers because they are unaffected by chemical. If you wear polish, it will not stain your nails. Simply remove your polish to reveal your original, untainted CND nails.